Location: 2301 East Nifong Boulevard, near Fire Station #8
Land provided by: City of Columbia
Maintained by: Individual plots for gardeners from all over the city
Garden leader: contact the CGC board

A man and a woman in warm jackets stand next to small garden beds with low raised walls holding a shovel and a pitchfork. Other garden beds, and open shed, grass and a few trees are in the background.This garden was started in the 2010s by City of Columbia staff, but was abandoned after the loss of its garden leader. In late 2022, under a new contract with the City, the Community Garden Coalition was tasked with re-starting it. A new garden leader stepped up for the 2023 season, and, with the help of a visiting crew of AmeriCorps volunteers, the beds were rehabbed and made ready for a new crop of gardeners!