Garden Plot Availability

Plots available at: Claudell Lane Garden, Benton-Stephens

Update 5: Broadway Christian Church garden is full.

Update 4: Ash St garden is full.

Update 3: Circus-Lyon garden is full.

Update 2: Circus-Lyon garden has 2 plots left. St. Joseph garden has one raised bed available for someone who uses a wheelchair or has another disability requiring a tall, raised bed.

Update: 9th St. garden has all plots claimed, but is starting a waiting list.

I’ve been hearing from some garden leaders that all plots are already claimed or only a few remain. St. Joseph St. garden is full, for instance. Ash St. and 9th St. gardens have only a few plots left. If you’re a newcomer looking for a plot though, don’t despair.

If there’s a particular garden you want to join, even if it’s full, either fill out our contact form or contact a garden leader directly and ask if you could be put on a waiting list. Sometimes plots become available later in the spring as some folks decide they don’t have time to garden.

Gardens that at this point are not full include Broadway Christian Church (you do not have to be a church member), Claudell Lane and the newest garden to join our group Hilldale Village on N. Ann in Benton-Stephens neighborhood.