Spring Thaw Kick-Off

Lily ChanSaturday, March 10, 2-4 pm
ARC (Activities & Recreation Center), 1701 W. Ash Street

The Spring Thaw is our annual community gardening kick-off event. If you’re thinking of gardening this year, are interested in starting a community garden, or are already active in a community garden, don’t miss this annual organizing meeting.

You can sign up or confirm a plot to grow your own vegetables and flowers and meet garden leaders and fellow gardeners. You can also learn about how to start a community garden. Newcomers are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Spring Thaw Kick-Off

  1. My boyfriend, edward mike martin, signed us up for a space a while back. I just came looking around, because he hadn’t mentioned hearrng back. I am happy to have found out about the kick off, this Saturday. Can you tell me, did an email go out to those who had registered, which he has missed?

    Last year, I signed up, but didn’t hear back until about a month after things had started. I didn’t continue, because I worried I had missed too much information.

    I’m asking because I wonder if communication is just a jumble… and maybe my concern might be helpful for the program.

    • Melanie, I’m always sorry to hear that miscommunication has led to someone not gardening; that must be really frustrating. Please try to understand that we are a very small group of volunteers who try to help organize several community gardens with varying levels of organization, all run by other volunteers.
      I’ll write you back individually to see if I can help make sure you have the plot you want this year; that seems better done one-on-one.

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