Please Fill Out the Annual Questionnaire

While we’re all waiting for spring to finally arrive for real, it seems like a good time to remind all community gardeners to fill out the annual Gardener Household Information Form. We ask all individual gardeners to fill this out (1 per household) each year you garden in a member garden. Your answers will be kept private, but the data we collect helps us get our funding from year to year.

If you help run a school garden or another special project garden, you have a slightly different form to fill out. If you need a new copy, please contact us.

And, finally, maybe your garden needs some new tools this summer or would like to build a shed or a bench or make some repairs? Garden leaders can use this form to apply for CGC funding to help with garden improvements or to get reimbursed for pre-approved spending.

9 thoughts on “Please Fill Out the Annual Questionnaire

  1. I filled out the form and it said on the second screen that I didn’t complete all of the fields, but I did. I have an older Mac using Safari as my browser

  2. I just printed out the form and I’ll mail it in, but I noticed that not all of the questions on the .pdf were displayed on the online version.

    • Bruce-Hmmm, I’m sorry you got an error message. The form did go through, however. I looked up your information and we’re only missing one thing that’s important. Could you tell me (either here or via private email to which garden you’ll be at? Thanks!

      • Oh! I’m sorry we caused you confusion, Bruce, but we’re only looking to collect data from families that are gardening at one of the gardens under the CGC umbrella. We thank you for your interest and support of our endeavors, though!

      • Okay, Jenny, but I already mailed it in. Respectfully, you might want to clarify that on the Website. I suspect I am not the first person to ask/do this and won’t be the last otherwise. I look forward to meeting you and the others at the meeting on the 17th.



      • Yes, it’s interesting to hear your comments on that. To be honest, we had never considered that people not part of our gardens would try to give us their information. It’s usually quite hard just to get gardeners to do so! It’s always good to have an outside look at what you’re doing. Thanks and it sounds like I may see you at the board meeting.

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