Another Successful Cool Season Plant Distribution

Many thanks to everyone that helped with the cool season plant distribution on April 2!

First, board member Sarah Kendrick put together an online order form and sent it out via garden leaders. After gardeners submitted their orders, Sarah tabulated all the orders and our treasurer Bill McKelvey placed our order at Strawberry Hills Nursery. Bill also rented a van and delivered the plants to our Claudell garden that Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, our vice president Jenny McDonald and her partner Cory McCarter took charge of the row cover and hoops ordered by gardeners. While everyone else was out celebrating the start of the weekend, these two spent Friday night cutting row cover, counting hoops and labeling everything to make the distribution much easier. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the row cover elves had visited our porch during the night. That was quite a relief because it was so windy that morning cutting row cover would have been extremely difficult!

Next up on Saturday morning was another great group of volunteers. Barb Onofrio, Julie Walker, Ann and Dan Bene, Felicia and Jahmari Sewell, Mallary Lieber, Cheryl Jensen, myself and Matthew Knowlton organized the plants for each garden so that garden leaders (like Dee Campbell-Carter) could easily pick up what their gardeners had ordered and deliver them to their garden.

The Community Garden Coalition and our friends continue to do so much for so many others! Thank you for your continued support!!

2 thoughts on “Another Successful Cool Season Plant Distribution

  1. Very very impressive.  Many many thanks to all the hardworking volunteers who made this happen.   And hello, Kathy Doisy!!!  It’s such a pleasure reading your emails.  Happy gardening!! karen

  2. Hey Karen! I hope your garden is progressing. At least we aren’t experiencing the drought that is plaguing the western half of the country! If you feel the urge to help out (and catch up) we can always use volunteers for the warm season plant distribution on Saturday, May 14th at 9:30 for about an hour.
    Take care!

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