Gardening Courses

The Columbia Area Career Center has several classes happening this spring that might be of interest to gardeners. These paid classes are offered by the Columbia Public Schools through the Professional and Community Education Program.

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ALSO: Mid-Missouri Expo—Small Farm to Backyard Garden is being offered by the Boone County MU Extension on Saturday, February 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Battle High School. There are going to be four topic areas with five concurrent sessions running on topics ranging from growing mushrooms, raising tomatoes, organic gardening, small animal rearing, pruning and much more. Pre-registration $7, door $10.

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Columbia Area Career Center Classes

gardener with harvested vegetables

Introduction to Vegetable Gardening This course will provide you with the basic information you need to establish a vegetable garden you will be proud of this summer. Topics covered include the importance of site selection; types of plants to grown; variety, hybrid, heirloom differences; fertilizers, pesticides and where to find support and answers to question as they come up. (2 Hours)

monarch butterfly with flowersAttract Monarch Butterflies and Other Pollinators with Native Plants
If you want to bring monarch butterflies to your garden this class is for you! You will learn what native plants are important for the survival of monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Learn to identify, grow and establish your garden. (2 Hours)

beekeeper tending to hiveWhat’s Involved in Keeping Honeybees?
This mini-class is designed to present potential students with an overview of how honeybees can help you and your garden, why you might want to keep them, and a general overview of what is involved with establishing your first hive. This course is very elementary in the materials presented and is designed as a preview of our Basics of Beekeeping courses, that begin on February 21st. (1.5 Hours)

Basics of Beekeeping Part 1
Designed and presented by an Apiary Specialist, this course is the first of two parts offered to help anyone interested in working with managed honey bee hives. The in-class instruction will provide students will a solid understanding of what is involved with keeping honey bees in Missouri.  The first session will cover the history of keeping honey bees, products of the hive, bee biology, equipment needed and selecting a location for your bees. (4 Sessions)

Basics of Beekeeping Part 2
This course is the second of two parts offered to help anyone interested in working with managed honey bee hives. Building on the concepts discussed during part 1, we will take a closer look at honey bee pests, hive management schedules, plants that are nectar or pollen-rich and how to harvest and market your products. (4 Sessions)

Beekeeping Academy
Designed and presented by the Past President of the Missouri State Beekeepers Association, this course is for those serious in keeping honey bees. Mentor-led, hands-on sessions (weather permitting) are available to help beekeepers experience what is needed to properly care for their bees in a temporary, centrally-located outdoor apiary nursery.

Students will be instructed on how to introduce their newly purchased nuc into a Langstroth hive. Class will meet four to six more times during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Hands-in-the-hive demonstrations will be performed to show how to inspect a hive, how to check and control pests, how to do a split, when to add supplemental feeding, how to introduce bees into a new hive, and how to properly move a hive. Students will be encouraged to perform maintenance duties during class time and a mentor will be available to answer any questions.

During October, students will move their hives to their own private locations. Exact dates of hands-on meetings are to be determined and are dependent upon the weather. Sessions will run through March 2019 (4 to 6 sessions, 2-3 hours each, 12 hours total instruction time). Hives, bees and safety equipment are not included in price.

For information on dates, prices, class openings and online registration go to: