About bethrota

I was 8 years old the summer I got my own stretch of soil to plant my first garden, completely mine, to plant whatever I pleased and be completely in charge. I dedicated the entire bed lining the south side of my family's garage to snap peas. I ate every single one of those peas fresh off the vine that summer. They didn't even make it into the house, much less a pan or a plate. I might have shared a few with my brother, but by and large they were mine, all mine! In the years between then and now, I have grown a few more varieties and shared the harvest with many family and friends. I've been part of some wonderful community gardens across the country, and have found that gardeners are the most generous and enjoyable people to be around. I've started this blog to share my love of garden so that you too can relish the joy of a freshly plucked pea, and lose yourself to find yourself in a few small square feet of earth. I live in Morgantown, WV with my husband and 2 children.

Gearing up for Garlic

As we finish putting our summer beds to rest and harvest our fall greens, it’s time to start thinking about the first planting for next season: garlic.

This hardy crop, planted in the fall for an early summer harvest, is easy to grow in Mid-Missouri. Just follow these few simple steps.

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Seed for Thought

If you’re anything like me, this warm weather and sunshine has got you
thinking about the coming garden season! While tomatoes and peppers might seem like a long way off, February is the time to start ordering your seeds and getting cold season seedlings started indoors.

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