New Planting Info for CoMO

Planting ChartIt’s hard to believe it on this particular snowy February day, but the ground is often ready for certain seeds and plants here in Mid-Missouri as early as March.

Check out this updated chart for the the best dates to plant seeds or transplants of various vegetables in our area.

As you start planning your 2014 garden, keep in mind that Boone County is in USDA cold hardiness zone 6a and AHS heat zone 7. Read more about what zone ratings mean in our post from 2012 when the USDA released the latest cold hardiness ratings map.


Garden How-to: Drip Irrigation

Fall and winter are a good time to make plans for improvements to your garden next year, like for instance improving how you water the garden. This past year, one community garden, with funding help from the CGC, purchased and installed drip irrigation lines to improve the efficiency of their group-run garden. If you’ve ever considered this kind of water delivery, check out this how-to video they made.

Urban Orchard Event June 25

photo by Fir0002, Creative CommonsIf you’d like to learn about growing fruit at your home or community garden, don’t miss the next event in the free Urban Orchard series. The Mid-Summer Fruit Review is happening Wednesday, June 26 at 4 p.m, led and hosted by Jim Quinn from University Extension. A walk around Jim’s garden (at the corner of Broadway and Anderson) will feature fruit development or success with crop, disease symptoms and insect damage, control (or lack of) of diseases, etc. Berries from Jim’s garden will be featured in Jello, with some interesting flavor and berry combinations.

The event is free; just email with how many people plan to attend.

Workshops on Composting & Pests

Don’t forget to register for this Thursday’s Walk and Talk workshop on garden pests at Circus Lyons garden.

In addition, there are two composting workshops coming up this week:

Garden Walk & Talk: Learn About Plant Growth and Pests

In addition to Wednesday’s free class on making rain barrels, don’t miss this upcoming opportunity to learn about vegetable plant growth and pest issues.

Community Garden Twilight “Walk & Talk”
Thursday, May 16, 2013
6:30-7:30 p.m.
719 W. Broadway, NE corner of Broadway & Anderson, home of presenter James Quinn
To register, email your name and how many will be with you to the Boone County Extension Center at

Join other community gardeners and members of the Center for Urban Agriculture for a casual conversation with James Quinn, MU’s Regional Horticulture Specialist about raised beds, fertility, intensive gardening, warm season vegetable planting, and more.

Learn About Raised Beds & Fall Gardening

Two Garden Walk and Talk events are coming up to discuss a variety of vegetable gardening topics.

raised bedThe first Walk and Talk will be held at the garden of James Quinn, MU Extension regional horticulture specialist. James will give us a tour of his garden and discuss different Raised Bed and Intensive Gardening Techniques, which are ideal for community gardens. He grows a wide variety of vegetables and fruit and will also be able to talk about various pest and disease issues.

Thursday, June 28, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
719 W. Broadway, corner of Broadway and Anderson Parking in the Montessori School lot (directly across Anderson) is okay if no school events are happening.

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